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Even as a small child I had a fascination with collecting natural objects and using them to craft things or just having them around my room - always a trip to the beach would end with pocketfuls of shells and pebbles and I drove my mother mad with collections of twigs and feathers all around the house.
Over time this fascination has evolved into crafting ceremonial tools such as Rattles and Smudge feathers and Fans; in the beginning just for my personal use and gifts but more recently creating bespoke commissions for others and for sale. And as this work has increased nature has gifted me more to work with in the form of roadkill birds and animals whose spirit wishes to work on with us.
Examples of my work can be seen here and the few items I keep in stock are available through my Etsy shop here.

My journey with the drum began in 2000 when I purchased my first frame drum at a Mind Body Spirit Festival from the wonderful and inspiring Carolyn Hilyer.
I then went on to make my first drum with Carolyn on Dartmoor - and haven’t stopped since.

Today I am making drums and running drum birthing days on Exmoor - where possible I am sourcing my materials as locally as I can and am working towards being able to do the full preparation of some of the deer skins as well as making my some original frames by the end of this year.
To my knowledge no one else is making drums from the skins of wild deer from Exmoor.
I have an established relationship with a really ethical supplier in Sweden for reindeer rawhide and am now able to source my Horse skins in the Uk as well.

I have a limited number of drums available for sale which can be viewed and purchased from my Etsy shop here but it is a real joy to work with individuals to facilitate birthing their own drums or to birth drums on a commissioned basis involving discussion and journeying on behalf of the receiver.

See my blog entry about the great drum that was commissioned by Sika Rose.