Crystal healing therapy is especially beneficial for stress, to ease times of transition in our lives and to facilitate healing at the deepest level - treatments connect you to your spiritual centre aiding greater self-empowerment and facilitating a sense of inner calm!

Distress can be caused by many different elements and emotions are something that can trigger a wide variety of symptoms. Belief systems, exposure to certain environmental elements and interaction with the people that we encounter on a daily basis can sometimes create havoc. The list goes on. But there is one thing that all these elements have in common. Vibration.

When an external or self-promoted vibration is introduced to our original body vibration, an interaction takes place. This interaction of vibrations can be beneficial to the body system, or in the case of distress, detrimental, leading to a lack of harmony in the body's systems resulting in many and varied physical and mental symptoms.

Crystals themselves are vibrational tools. When crystals are held or applied to areas of the body the person receiving the treatment will accept the vibrations being given out by the crystals either intentionally or on a subconscious level.

An interaction between the vibrations of the crystals and the vibrations of the person's body then trigger a series of responses and the way in which a person interprets these vibrations will play a great part in the process of healing that will take place.

The use of crystals as healing tools, is a means by which we can look deeper within helping us to obtain an understanding of the causes of our distress.