It is important from time to time to slow down, to go away by yourself, and simply Be.
Eileen Caddy
The Womens retreats that I offer are an opportunity to take time out from your day to day lives and situations; a time to honour yourself and give yourself the space to tune into and explore the inner you.

Women intuitively understand one another. We share many similar life experiences so we naturally empathise with each other. When on retreat together, this bond becomes so clear and its richness so healing. We come together as strangers and leave as sisters.

By sharing time with women sitting in circle, living in community, playing and crafting together we tap into an ancient practice of living where we are all equally honoured and respected for who we are and not the roles we play in our public lives.
A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.
Diane Mariechild
Through Ritual and Ceremony we will cross a threshold into our retreat space to a separate place where we neither judge nor are judged but simply are.

During these retreats we will explore and practice Shamanic Journeying and Guided Meditations.
We will deepen our connections to nature, the tree dryads, crystal devas and the land through inner journeying, walking the land and spending time alone and in silence outdoors.

We will practice some ancient skills and connect to our creative selves by crafting with natural materials both individually and as a group.

We will also be spending some time sitting in circle working in the "Way of Council".
The ancient form of council embraces the sacred in all life and is a spiritual practice that moves one to a compassionate deeper level of communicating and being. Council is a way of speaking and of listening from the heart and in all the retreats that I facilitate you will receive a brief introduction to this form.
The practice of Retreat is ancient, as people we have always needed at times to withdraw temporarily from daily living in order to nourish our spirit and souls, to regain a sense of peace and calm and to help us approach our everyday lives and situations from a fresh perspective.

Across all spiritual beliefs and religions we see examples of this practice - Native Americans journey to the spirit world; Moses retreated to Mount Sinai; Jesus went into the desert; Buddhists make an annual retreat as part of their spiritual practice; Moslems go for a day of prayer and fasting within the mosque; Hindus withdraw to the temple or wander alone across the land. In our 21st Century day to day lives, the bathroom or the shed at the bottom of the garden may be where we go to retreat from the world.
In 2014 I will be running two retreats

Womens Summer Camp
Womens Winter Retreat
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Your mind will answer most questions if you learm to relax and wait for the answer