Crafting and Creating your own personal Drums Rattles and other Ceremonial Tools
My passion is to connect people back to the land, to the Natural World that is all around them and to the world inside themselves.

By facilitating the creation and crafting of unique and personal medicine tools such as the rattle and the drum I take people on a journey of reconnection and discovery.
An exploration of ancient skills and a walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Working in ceremonial space we honour the spirits of the elements, the plants and the four legged that have provided us with the materials with which we work; we offer thanks to the teachers who have shared and passed down their knowledge through the ages and the generations and we discover that within each and every one of us is the potential for craft, for creativity and the possibliity to reconnect to our true selves and begin to appreciate who we are and the hidden gifts that reside within us.

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I facilitate tailored 1 ~ 2 ~ 1 and couples Drum Birthing days,
Elemental Rattle Crafting Days for small groups
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and twice a year I also lead intimate groups of Women on a unique two day journey to create womb honouring Red Moon Drums.
Since 2016 I have also been offering a very unique opportunity to create Vegan Ceremonial tools, both the Drum and the Rattle.

We will work with artificial hide drums and vegetable gourd rattles to create unique and personalised medicine allies. Crafting and journeying and working in ceremony and bringing in all the sacred aspects with which I help people to birth hide drums and rattles.

Vegan Drum Birthing Days will be available as 1 ~ 2 ~ 1 or for small groups of up to four participants;
Vegan Rattle Crafting Days are for small groups of up to six people
please contact me if you would like to informed when the dates are decided. Full details will be available shortly.

The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing - rooting ourselves into the earth.

Birthing a drum can be a magical artistic process of co-creation with sacred hide, wood and spirit.

The Rattle embodies all of the sacred forces of the Cosmos and is thought to echo the very first sound - the sound of creation.

Your sacred Spirit Rattle will work with you to deepen your connection to the elements and all the nature beings and can be used in ceremony and for healing both for yourself and others.

I have been facilitating and working with individuals and groups since 1999 and have been a full time drum doula since 2012.

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“ Ride the Energy of your own unique spirit”

Gabrielle Roth
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Each day is a unique experience and working to craft a personal medicine ally can be a life changing experience for some who undertake it. For many it represents a big step forward in their spiritual journey - reconnecting them to the parts of themselves that they had forgotten or lost - indeed it can be a personal journey of soul retrieval.
Below you will find some testimonials from previous participants….

I birthed a drum with Ros last year. Words cannot describe the journey that I went on. The bond that I have with my drum is second to none. You will come away feeling empowered, invigorated with an immense feeling of gratitude for the journey you know you have started. If you want to birth or buy a drum then I recommend Ros without hesitation.

Paula Harris Dorchester

I want to thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday and helping me create such a beautiful drum. 
Thank you once again for your hospitality, your stories and creativity, you have inspired me to use my creative talents again and reconnect to that part of myself that I had long since forgotten.
 I received so many blessings....thank you

Elaine Norman - South America

The Drum Birthing workshop is a unique and wonderful experience, creative and practical, yet profoundly sacred.  Ros's skill and groundedness create a very special place in which to work and be guided through each stage. It was an honour and privilege to be taught this skill, and be enabled to birth my own drum, which has a beautiful voice!  I hope this conveys to you also my heartfelt thanks for a day that meant so much to me.

Laurie Lazenby - Liverpool

I can vouch for Ros Simons - I enjoyed a fabulous 1-2-1 drum birthing and trying to find the words to give it justice is quite difficult.
I am simply going to say you MUST give this experience a go. It's such an emotionally spiritual and special day. Soo much more to it than simply making your drum.

Natalie Birks Ivybridge

Weekend dates for one to one drum birthing days can be found on the calendar on the Workshops page - weekdays are often available and can be arranged by contacting me.

We offer Simple Bed & Breakfast or Camping on site and also have a Tipi and Bell Tent with a wood burner available for overnight accommodation as well as excellent B&Bs nearby if you wish to extend your stay.