Vegan Drum Birthing - Unique and Tailored days for small groups and 1~2~1
“Many things in your world can become a drum, a healing tool that emits a sound with each stroke of your hands.” 

– Michael Baird

We are all born with our own personal drum – our own heartbeat.

We hear the heartbeat of our mother in her womb, and the drum’s beat is the heartbeat of the Great Mother held in your hands.

Throughout history the heartbeat of the drum has been used in personal and healing ceremonies, for journey work and celebrations. The sound of the drum reconnects us to the heartbeat of our Earth Mother and our oneness with all.

The tradition of drum birthing has been handed down person to person since ancient times and in our modern lives there has come a wish to create new and different drums — all weather drums that can withstand working in any environment and vegan drums; for those whom working with animal by products (even those carefully sourced - such as I supply for my 1~2~1 drum birthing days) is not their chosen option.

Everything that exists is energy and everything that exits has spirit - at least in my hallucination of the world - so a synthetic drum when personalised with intent and consecrated in ceremony will become as powerful a spirit ally as a drum created from scratch from wood and hide and sinew.

In my shamanic work I frequently work with a synthetic drum.
This is because I truly honour my skin drums and choose to respect them by not playing them when they are too cold and damp or when it is raining - on Exmoor that happens a lot when you play out on the land!
When I am creating ceremony and I need total consistency of tone it is my synthetic drum that I reach for from my drum bag and to me it is as strong a spiritual ally as each of my other drums - they are all unique and they all have their place in my drum work.

Every drum has its own energy and voice, the drum is a powerful tool with which we can work to honour spirit, for healing, or for clearing and generating energy.

Birthing a drum whether synthetic or from animal hide can be a magical artistic process of co-creation.

One to one or small group instruction is completed with a journey to meet the spirit of your drum as you begin your healing path together.

The beauty of ‘birthing’ a synthetic drum is that you are able to play it straight away and we will all be able to share in the ceremony of drumming each drum as it is consecrated into being at the end of the day

The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing - rooting ourselves into the earth.

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14” Healing and Journeying Drum (Synthetic skin on a lightweight 3.5” deep wooden frame)
£195 - £210 depending on dollar exchange rate for materials
16” Healing and Journeying Drum (Synthetic skin on a lightweight 3.5” deep wooden frame)
£215 - £230 depending on dollar exchange rate for materials

22’ Partnership Drum (Synthetic skin on a lightweight 3.5” wooden frame)
£270 - £290 depending on dollar exchange rate for materials

You can also bring your own synthetic drum to work with - please contact me for price details

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Every drum birthing day is unique but a general outline of what you can expect is given below.

It will be a day of ceremony and gratitude, working in sacred space and journeying to meet and connect with your drum guide as you work together to personalise your spirit drum
A new drum in your choice of size 14” or 16” will be provided as the blank canvas for you to work with. (also included is the supplied beater from the manufacturer)
You can also bring your own synthetic drum to work with
Materials for decorating your drum with paints and ochres and for creating your personal drum beater will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own totems and fabric if you wish.
We will journey to connect with your personal drum guide who will help you in the customisation and personalisation of your drum.
You will decorate the inside and the outside of the frame with paints in your own unique design, you may work on the face of the drum too (although if your design is very complex,it may not be entirely finished by the end of the day), you will be able to hang or weave other sacred pieces you might bring into the back and handle of your drum.

There will be a choice of woods for the handle of your beater and we will work with recycled fabrics and wool from our sheep here on our Exmoor smallholding (or synthetic stuffing) to fashion the beater for your drum.
We will labour together with laughter and joy, there may be tears too that need to be woven into this mirror of you. So we will dream into being this magical partner for the rest of your life, your own sacred spirit drum

To complete the bonding at the end of the day I will take you on a guided and drummed journey to meet the spirit of your drum and we will bless the drum in a sacred ceremony as you awaken its heartbeat and take the first steps on your new path together.

here to be taken to a board I created on Pinterest with some examples of painted drums to inspire you

Groups are limited to 6 people days will run from 9:30 till approximately 6:30.

In 2018 this unique workshop is fully booked.

Dates for 2019 to follow soon

Weekend dates for group vegan drum birthing days can be found on the calendar on the Workshops page - weekdays are available for 1~2~1 and private groups and can be arranged by contacting me.

We offer Bed & Breakfast in twin or double rooms or Camping on site and also have a Bell Tent with a wood burner available for overnight accommodation as well as excellent B&Bs nearby if you wish to extend your stay.