Reiki Training - an overview

Unity of self through harmony and balance"  (original Usui-dojo motto) 
We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and other and Reiki is one way that we can realise this healing gift.
In its original form Reiki was a path to enlightenment, and this spiritual aspect has never really left Reiki although it is usually presented to us in the West as a treatment technique. For many people Reiki helps to fill a spiritual void, it can help guide you to find your true life purpose. It can help you to feel more connected spiritually no matter what your religious beliefs might be. And because Reiki is not attached to any religion, it is not attached to any belief system and it should not conflict with anyone

Training in Reiki level One

Reiki Level I concentrates on self-healing.
On booking your training you will be invited to an initial one to one session where you will receive a taster Reiki treatment and I can answer any questions you may have about Reiki level I.
Over the course of a weekend or two days separated by a week you will receive four Reiki attunements or Reju and you will be taught a variety of techniques to help you connect to and channel Reiki energy.
You will also learn a series of hand positions that you can use on use on yourself, for self healing, and  on your family and friends; and we will look at how Reiki can be given to plants and animals too.
On the first day you will be supplied with a detailed interactive Manual (over 40 pages) and an audio CD which is yours to keep and work through in your own time after the course is completed. The Manual covers all aspects of the training and allows you concentrate on the practical exercises on the day rather than having to write copious amounts of notes.
After the 21 day period of cleansing which follows the attunements there will be a group follow up session for exchanging Reiki and discussion of any things that may have come up for you since your attunements.
Investment for this training £140                                                       
There will be an initial one to one session which costs £35 - this acts as your deposit for the training and is deducted from the course cost on booking.

At the end of your course you will....
Have received four attunements (Reju) to the Reiki energies.
Be aware of the Reiki principals and how to integrate them into your life.
Have and understanding of the Reiki energy and how it works - Gassho meditation .
Have begun developing an awareness of energy Joshin Kokyuu-ho.
Understand the importance of self healing and self acceptance.
Know the basics of the Reiki hand positions.
Understand the importance of connecting and disconnecting Kanyoku-ho.
Be able to give a Reiki treatment (Chiryo) to friends and family.
Know the the importance of simplicity and about intuitive treatment Reji - ho. 
Have received an overview of our energetic structure auras chakras and meridians.
Know simple ways to use Reiki with plants and animals.
Know how to adapt the hand positions.
Have an understanding of the value of meditation and knowledge of Mikao Usui’s energy exercises.
Know a little of the history of reiki and the different versions.
Have an understanding of the reiki ethics.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate.

The Reiki attunements you receive during your training may start a cleansing process that affects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that are no longer useful. This may manifest itself in many ways; you may experience some emotional ups and downs or feel a sense of dissatisfaction; physically you might experience flu like symptoms, slight headaches or you could catch a cold.  Please do not worry about this these symptoms should be mild and pass fairly quickly. Drink lots of water and remember to treat yourself often, at least once a day and do your daily energy exercises. All that is happening is that Reiki is trying to balance your emotional, physical and spiritual self. And if anything worries you unduly remember I am only an email or a phone call away.
Reiki is a non- returnable gift, once attuned, always attuned.
It is up to you what you do with this gift;
My truth is begin straight away - work with the energy and watch as Reiki changes your life.
I wish you a wonderful experience as you begin your journey with Reiki.