Celtic Trees
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The energy fields of the trees are strengthening and expanding at this time and it is more important than ever to learn to see, feel and hear what the tree spirits have to say to us and how they can offer us a doorway into a deeper spiritual connection to the natural world and to ourselves.

My journey with trees began in probably the same way as for many others with simple interactions as a child.

For me trees and the woods were a magical place that I could go to escape, both on foot and on my pony. When in the woods I found I could never stay on the open main paths and more often than not veered off down some narrow animal trail deep into the forest – and I guess that was the beginning of my Tracking journey as well!

I also remember times in my life when I would go to trees for shelter and support making dens in the darker parts of the woodlands where I could hide away and talk to my imaginary nature friends – with hindsight and understanding I now know that they were not so imaginary after all ☺

You can find references to the 'Celtic' trees in many books. It is hypothesised that these trees, some eighteen of them, indigenous since the retreat of the last Ice Age, belong to an ancient tree lore that understood trees and their significance from a different perspective to ours; and that 3,500 years ago, throughout western Britain and much of Europe, the Celts used an oral tree lore sometimes known as the Tree Alphabet.

Whilst none of this is proven fact - this was not an alphabet as we might understand it (it was deliberately a spoken and not a written language), and little material remains to justify it's existence or it's use a a calendar system; many believe that this Tree Alphabet employed a similar calendrical system to ancient stone circles, and developed the specific significance of each month with the correspondences of the tree-letters.

This calendar forms a convenient stepping off point in our modern exploration of the different trees, and their specific botanical, mathematical, musical, poetical, mythologic, geodetic and astronomical properties as they relate to the eighteen consonant letters of the Ogham or Tree Alphabet.

You can undertake a year long The Celtic Way - The Celtic Tree Journey beginning in the winter each year, where we study the first twelve trees, how they relate to each month of the year and their associated Ogham symbol; through group and solo work, journeying and crafting.

The study of the Celtic Trees can be taken further into a deeper level of exploration working with the first four of the master trees which relate not to a month of the year but connect deeply to one of the four elements and to a point of the year. These points refer to the solstices and equinoxes; and we explore these trees in the year long The Celtic Way - The Master Trees