A Journey through the Chakras
~ a 7 Moon Sacred Wisdom Pilgrimage to transform your body, mind and soul ~
" Just as certain selections of music will nourish the physical body and your emotional layer, so other musical works will bring greater health to your mind."
Hal A. Lingerman
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This unique online journey is a long awaited collaboration with a dear friend, Diane Oliver from Woodland Elements and takes place over seven moons deepening our personal journeys with the seven main chakras.
In alignment with the Celtic lands and seasons in which we walk and live this journey will run once during the year beginning at the Celtic Cross Quarter Festival of Samhain.
At Luna Samhain starting on a New Moon we enter the more introspective time of year the beginning of the winter season.

Chakras are our energy centres connecting us to different aspects of ourselves and maintaining our connection to the divine. We will work with each chakra, supporting heart expansion, resilience, balance, empowerment and personal growth, experiencing the energy of each chakra for a full moon cycle, working with different tools and practices.

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  • Sacred sound through the use of the Chakra Notes Tuning Forks
  • Movement through yoga
  • Crystals and Affirmations
  • Guided journeys and Shamanic journeys supported with Rattle and Drum
  • Enjoying Chakra balancing teas created especially for us by Clare Holohan of West Highland Herbal
  • Learning more about each chakra, its correspondences and how it impacts on our body, mind and soul.
  • Further tools, resources, and practices will be shared through documents in the online portal and within a private FaceBook group to support continued integration.
Just before each New Moon you will receive, through the post, your subscription box.

You will also be given access to your online materials including yoga videos, recorded journeys, designs for your personal prayer flags along with all the written information for you to work with for that moon cycle.
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There will be an introductory Zoom session to welcome you to the journey and give you the opportunity to connect with your fellow pilgrims as we begin our travels.

Each moon Diane will also lead an online session incorporating your yoga sequence to practice for that chakra and we will complete our journey with a final Zoom gathering together.

For those unable to participate in real-time, recordings of the gatherings will be emailed and posted within the Facebook Group. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook Group open to all current and previous pilgrims, where we can support one another.

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  • In your subscription box for each chakra you will receive :~
  • A chakra Tuning Fork with a unique wooden handle inset with the related crystal
  • A pouch of bespoke Chakra Tea
  • The Chakra Affirmation card, hand drawn and written by Diane for this journey
  • Materials for your Chakra Prayer Flag crafting project
  • Chakra Pendant
  • Chakra Anointing Oil blend

The journey costs £499 and includes your seven subscription boxes and access to all the materials for each moon and chakra.

Places for the inaugural journey starting at Luna Samhain on the 16th October 2020 are limited to 10 people

The deposit to secure your place and materials is £149
Seven further payments of £50 are due in advance of each subscription box being sent out; or payment in full can be made before the journey commences..

In 2020 and 2021 the journey will begin on the dates shown below.

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" Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
The Bhagavad Gita

A Journey through the Chakras Samhain 2020

16th October 2020 ~ New Moon
Heart Anahata Chakra ~ Opening to Receiving

15th November 2020 ~ New Moon
Root Muladhara Chakra ~ Grounding ~ Living in our Bodies

14th December 2020 ~ New Moon
Sacral Swadhistana Chakra ~ Connecting ~ Swimming in the Sacred Waters

13th January 2021 ~ New Moon
Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra ~ Transformation ~ Igniting the Fire Within

11th February 2021 ~ New Moon
Throat Vishuddhi Chakra ~ Expressing our Sacred Truth

13th March 2021 ~ New Moon
Third Eye Ajna Chakra ~ Envisioning New Ideas ~ Dreaming Reality

12th April 2021 ~ New Moon
Crown Sahasrara Chakra ~ Embodying our Higher Self ~ Connecting to the Divine

A Journey through the Chakras Samhain 2021

4th November 2021~ New Moon
Heart Chakra ~ Opening to Receiving

4th December 2021 ~ New Moon
Root Muldhara Chakra ~ Grounding ~ Living in our Bodies

2nd January 2022 ~ New Moon
Sacral Chakra ~ Connecting ~ Swimming in the Sacred Waters

1st February 2022 ~ New Moon
Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Transformation ~ Igniting the Fire Within

2nd March 2022 ~ New Moon
Throat Chakra ~ Expressing our Sacred Truth

1st April 2022 ~ New Moon
Third Eye Chakra ~ Envisioning New Ideas ~ Dreaming Reality

30th April 2022 ~ New Moon
Crown Chakra ~ Embodying our Higher Self ~ Connecting to the Divine